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From: Andy Blunden <ablunden who-is-at mira.net>
Date: Thu Dec 11 2008 - 19:50:11 PST

This report, which put Australia 3rd last, has caused a real
stir here in Oz, coming as it does amidst a major sandal.
The previous right-wing government marketised the early
childhood problem by creating a voucher system for parents
and facilitating the creation of an early childhood care
industry. A company called ABC Learning made one man very,
very rich, setting up 1000s of centres. It was listed on the
Stock Exchange and was hot property until the founder was
discovered off-loading his shares ahead of an announcement
of bankruptcy, having milked the company for millions. The
new government is saving some of these centres but many are
being shut down.

So much for the market solving the early childhood education
problem. Maybe the market can do better with carbon trading? Ha!


Paul Dillon wrote:
> This morning I heard a news story on BBC about a new UNICEF report evaluating early child development
> and welfare. Using 10 indicators they evaluated "developed"
> countries. It turns out that the countries with the highest taxes (all
> Scandinavian countries but also France) scored the highest -- . The
> conclusion I draw, thinking of the recent presidential campaign, is
> "Yes, paying higher taxes is patriotic." Mike Moore's moie "Sicko"
> made this very clear as well.
> I looked on the UNICEF website but couldn't find the referenced document so I can't say where Cuba or the US came out on these indicators, but I will keep looking.
> Paul

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