[xmca] Second Life

From: MARK DE BOER <mark who-is-at ias-group.com>
Date: Sun Dec 07 2008 - 06:41:57 PST

Hello everyone,

Here is an interesting link for those with Second Life Avatars.

I am involved with Second Life and have been for about 10 months.
'yomogi kweller' is my avatar name.

I am mostly interested in SL for its educational value, TEFL online
through virtual worlds is very interesting and cutting edge.


The link above is information about an online SL meeting area with
tools such as Powerpoint, chat, voice and the list goes on.

I have been in contact with Gavin Dudeney for my own reasons, but he
has offered free virtual space for meetings of education value and
would help organize details and so forth.

I thought the xmca group would be an ideal group to utilize such a
facility (I know that some of you already have avatars and have been
on second life here and there). But if anyone is interested or if
there is any possibility of using such a facility for international
meetings where powerpoint is used and voice is needed, this would be
of some value.


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