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It's helpful, Peter! Last night we were discussing Chapter Four of Thinking and Speech (the OLDEST chapter, where Vygotsky's behaviorist roots can still be seen in expressions like "stimulus traces" and the idea that words are conditioned responses).
Minick's translation has a veryápeculiar observation about "Didot's species concepts: four-legged and two-legged". By going back to the Dialectics of Nature, we learn that Didot is actually "Dido", the name of Engels' dog!
Achilles: The German Ideology and the Dialectics of Nature were apparently available in Russian and German in 1925--the Bolsheviks published in both languages. Vygotsky would have read them in German; throughout Thinking and Speech he shows a fair delight in the original German expressions of many German writers (e.g. "Menschwerden", or "man-making" for the "humanizing" function of man-made speech and "Werkzeugdenken" or "tool-thinking" for what some people on the list have referred to asá"tool-for-thoughts").
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Thank you very much, this is not only useful, it's wonderful.
Do you think that this 1955's edition follow the same titles order
of the edition quoted by LSV? The notes from some translations
shows dates of publication after Vygotsky's death... There is
some chance of the quotations be all added by the own editors
of the collected works? There was really a Russian edition of
Marx and Engels in Vygotsky's life time? What was it actual
publication year?

What do you think?

Excuse me about my complete ignorance.
Thank you very much for your attention and patience.

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> In case it's helpful to anyone, here are the correlations I've
found between the Russian edition of the Marx and Engels Collected Works and
some of the titles in English:
> Vol. 3, Theses on Feuerbach, The German ideology
> Vol. 12, Introduction to Grundrisse (?)
> Vol. 13, A contribution to the critique of political economy
> Vol. 18, The housing question
> Vol. 20, Dialectics of nature
> Vol. 23, Capital, Vol. 1
> Vol. 25, part 1, Capital, Vol. 3
> Vol. 26, part 2, Theories of surplus-value
> Vol. 42, The economic and philosophical manuscripts of 1844
> Vol. 46, Grundrisse
> Also, 39 of the Russian volumes are available in pdf form at:
> Peter
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