[xmca] "Internal dynamics of disease" (Luria apud Zeignarnik)

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Greetings for all,

Please, can you give me a little help with a Luria's book?

Bluma V. Zeigarnik quotes Luria's concept of "internal dynamics of disease"

"The well-known Soviet therapist R. A. Luriya introduced the concept of "internal dynamics of disease," by which he means "all that which the patient experiences and feels, the entire aggregate of his sensations, not only local sensations due to his illness but also his general feeling about himself, his self-observation, how he represents his illness to himself (Withrespect to its causes), all that which is linked with approaching a physician - that entire internal world of the patient, which consists of very complex combinations of perceptions and sensations, emotions, affects, conflicts, mental feelings, and trauma." He indicated that the behavior and mental processes of the individual are changed at the very moment when he learns about his illness."(ZEIGARNIK, 1972, P.133)

ZEIGARNIK, B. V. Experimental Abnormal psychology [In fact: "Vvedenie v patopsikhologiyu" = "Introduction to Pathopsychology"]. Chapter 6 - Personality disturbances in the mentally ill. New York, London: Plenum Press. 1972. p. 109-136. [I attached a copy of the chapter]

She donīt give the date of the quotation, there are 8 titles by Luria at her bibliography. And I believe that the quoted about "internal dynamics of disease" must be this:

LURIA, A.R. Internal description of illness and pathogenic diseases. Moscow, 1944.

Is there any means to legally obtain a payed or free copy from this book, even most probably in Russian?

Can you help me?

Thank you, very much, for your attention and patience.


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