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Here's one example from Marx, and several from Leontiev, if we can get into
the Russian too.

"The twofold social character of the labour of the individual appears to
him, when *reflected* in his brain, only under those forms which are
impressed upon that labour in every-day practice by the exchange of
products." Marx, Capital, Chapter 1, section 4.

" Activity is a non-additive unit of the corporeal, material life of the
material subject. In the narrower sense, i.e., on the psychological plane,
it is a unit of life, mediated by mental *reflection*, by an *image,* whose
real function is to orientate the subject in the objective world." Leontiev,
Activity & Consciousness.

" The circular nature of the processes effecting the interaction of the
organism with the environment has been generally acknowledged. But the main
thing is not this circular structure as such, but the fact that the mental
*reflection* of the objective world is not directly generated by the
external influences themselves, but by the processes through which the
subject comes into practical contact with the objective world, and which
therefore necessarily obey its independent properties, connections, and
relations." ibid

" Thus, individual consciousness as a specifically human form of the
subjective *reflection* of objective reality may be understood only as the
product of those relations and mediacies that arise in the course of the
establishment and development of society." ibid

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