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Date: Fri Oct 24 2008 - 15:55:04 PDT

Apologies Martin, for the loose and unexplained usage of the
word "objective", by which I just meant that no value
judgment is required. And of course, if you have an (in that
sense) objective notion of progress, then OK. But I mean
there is no need to believe that "progress" means getting
better or stronger or more advanced or fit or anything such
thing. I think in the almost forgotten context of this
discussion we were talking about the socialisation of an
individual organism within its genus. That's all.


Martin Packer wrote:
> Andy,
> Help me with this, please. Do you mean objective as opposed to subjective, a
> personal evaluative judgment? I think I can by that. By why does an
> objective development not connote progress or improvement? Could these not
> be objective processes too?
> Martin
> On 10/23/08 7:28 PM, "Andy Blunden" <> wrote:
>> "The very terms 'development' and 'learning' are normative":
>> yes these terms are 'normative' but in an objective sense of
>> the word 'normative' in that they refer to a process between
>> a universal (or genus, community) and an individual. This
>> may be quite 'objective'. There is no need for any
>> connotation of 'progress', or "getting better", etc.
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