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Subject: [xmca] Call for Proposals - NSSE Yearbooks to Join TCR

Call for Proposals - NSSE Yearbooks to Join TCR

by Gary Natriello <> -
October 20, 2008

The editors of TCR announce a call for proposals for future volumes of the
NSSE Yearbooks.

We are pleased to announce that the NSSE Yearbooks will be joining the
Teachers College Record for 2009 and beyond. As many readers of TCR will
know, the NSSE Yearbooks are the distinguished series published since 1900
by the National Society for the Study of Education. Two yearbooks covering
major topics in educational research and practice are issued each year.


TCR and the NSSE Yearbooks both began publishing at the beginning of the
last century, but there is much more in common than the calendar. Indeed,
over the years there has been a good deal of overlap among both authors and
editors of the Record and the Yearbooks, and both series have taken a broad
view of education and a wide perspective on scholarship and practice in the


With the recent decision to dissolve the National Society, the NSSE Board
has arranged for the editors of TCR to assume responsibility for publication
of the yearbooks beginning in 2009. We are delighted to welcome the
editors, authors, and readers of the NSSE Yearbooks to TCR, and we look
forward to many more years of field defining efforts with these
distinguished publications.


The NSSE Yearbooks will continue to be published without interruption. For
2009 editors Robert Crowson and Ellen Goldring are assembling a yearbook on
Education and Localism, and editors Tom Popkewitz and Fazal Rizvy are
organizing a yearbook on Education and Globalism.


Members of NSSE who have subscribed to the yearbooks in the past as well as
new readers may subscribe to the yearbooks for 2009 at the NSSE Yearbooks
online site:


At this time the editors of the Teachers College Record are pleased to
announce an open call for proposals for future volumes of the NSSE Yearbooks
for the years 2010 and beyond. The guidelines for preparing proposals are
available online at:


We look forward to working with editors and chapter authors to continue this
tradition of outstanding scholarship in the field.





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