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Date: Mon Oct 20 2008 - 18:36:53 PDT

That is totally GREAT, Ivonne. I will distribute this message to a quite
appropriate list.

On that list are colleagues who work at the Universidad de los Andes in
They are doing work that should resonate with your efforts if conditions in
part of the world allow such collaboration!!

Chaitan is not the only volcano in the Andes!!

I hope you get lots of applicants, and if you are interested in some sort of
international collaboration on a broader scale, do not hesitate to toss the
out there. You might have several takers.

For more information on the community-based work we are involved in,
see www.tclearninglounge.org, www.uclinks.org, and lchc.ucsd.edu.

Good luck!!

Mike Cole
Professor of Communication, Psychology,
   and Human Development.

On Mon, Oct 20, 2008 at 5:02 PM, Ivonne Castro Partmuss <icscastro@icpie.org
> wrote:

> Dear Dr Cole,
> My name is Ivonne Castro, and I am writing in behalf of I C P I E, a
> recently formed private educational organization established in Quito,
> Ecuador.
> ICPIE is devoted to organize full internships in the field of individual
> and community psychology at Ecuadorean urban and rural health and
> educational centers. This new organization is offering two regular summer
> programs and customized programs during the year, starting in 2009. Details
> are posted at www.icpie.org
> We obtained your reference from your Institution web site, and we presume
> that our programs are part of your areas of interest. If that is not the
> case, I would like to present my apologies for disturbing your attention.
> Kind regards,
> Ivonne Castro Partmuss
> Administrative Officer
> *******************************************
> P.O.BOX 17-21-0250
> Tola Chica #3. Tumbaco
> Quito - ECUADOR
> Phone: (593) 9958-84396
> Phone/Fax: (593) 2237-4972
> www.icpie.org
> *******************************************
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