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Dear Olga, Phil, Haydi, and All,
Olga, yes, thank you for your inclusion of all people who organized ISCAR 2008.
And, Pentti is working on an issue on D. A. Uznadze, which will be most interesting.
And, Phil, yes the metatheoretical approach for me means a "metacognitive" approach, in order to relate Vygotsky and others to theories of children, as well as adults, by transferring skills learned to other domains. Professor J. P. Das speaks of such an approach within defectology. Y. V. Karpov and H.C. Haywood speak of "metacognitive mediation" referring to children; and H. Daniels quotes people on this aspect. My interest at the moment is to obtain a deeper understanding of “methodology,” which includes Dynamic Assessment.
The idea to introduce some papers from ISCAR 2008 was not to be exclusive, but just the opposite....to start a discussion of various papers (although I cannot access many through Moodle right now). I did not hear from Holbrook Mahn, but you can access his paper through Moodle (Vygotsky's Analysis of the Unit "System of Meaning”). And, the powerpoint presentations from Naumenko, Sokolova, Surmava are on Moodle.
Attached here:
*Janna Glozman: She gave a paper at ISCAR related to Parkinson's Disease. I do not have that paper. But, am attaching information on the Moscow Research Center of Developmental Neuropsychology.
*Fernanda Liberali and Angela Lessa: #1 What do Researchers learn when they do intervention research. #2 Fernanda Liberali: Critical Literacy: A Cross-Curricular Tool-and-Result in the Teaching-Learning Activity.
*Michalis Kontopodis: Enacting Human Developments: From Representation to Multiplicity.
*Peter Moxhay: Assessing the Scientific Concept to Number in Primary School Children.
Hope we can find free time to read more of the ISCAR 2008 papers!
Best wishes,
Daniels, H. (2001). Vygotsky and Pedagogy. Routledge/Falmer (pp. 99-100).
Karpov, Y. V. & Haywood, H. C. (1998). "Two ways to elaborate Vygotsky's concept of mediation." American Psychologist 53, 1:27-36.

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