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Dear Mike,
Thank you!! Yes, I also think that publishing some of Uznadze in English could be very useful for so many of us who do not know his theories in depth, especially connected to his innovative approach to education, the unconscious, and the entire personality of human beings. The book on general psychology by Uznadze was written in 1940 (as far as I can see), and I do not know his overall methodology in a genotypic sense. I am attaching another website with general information. There are so many things to learn, such as Uznadze’s understanding of “the trans-subjective object.”  I am also very interested to start to better understand Set Theory as a whole, related to A. N. Leontiev’s “World Image” model (as interpreted by A. A. Leontiev….another element that is not known in depth by many of us…it appears that A. N. Leontiev took Vygotsky’s “sense field,” and he (Leontiev) transformed that idea to the “sense nature of the World
 Image”), which is perhaps somewhat similar to Set Theory.
I will scan the table of contents of Uznadze’s book for you and Pentti.  Possible inclusion of the introduction (Scientific [Academic] Creativity of Uznadze and Problems of General Psychology), plus the chapter on Set Theory, and perhaps the chapter on the psychology of emotional perezhivanie or the chapter on meaning.  A. Asmolov is quoted in the introduction (1979, Activity and Set), and could perhaps offer introductory notes(?).
Mike, you are extremely busy, I know. From past experiences, I believe that D. Leontiev and A. Asmolov will be there to help. I also hope to be with them in a few weeks. Perhaps there is another Russian scholar who knows more about Set Theory??? I was going to write this note off-line, so please forgive me if I am "out of line" here.
P.S. Haydi, I will respond to your requests as soon as possible.

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