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Dot, thanks for the kudos--they definitely need
to be shared with the planning committee
who was responsible for the intellectual aspect
of ISCAR 2008. In particular the UCSB team(Judith
Green and Richard Duran and their students) who
is continuing the discussion through the Moodle
site, Malu Dantas of the University of San Diego,
who single-handed arranged for the
pre-conference and the business meeting-reception
event, Margie Gallego of San Diego
State University who came to repeatedly came to
the rescue, Grace McField and Beth Ferholt's
film festival success, Kris Gutierrez's, of UCLA
words of wisdom, and on and on.

Hopefully, Judith's team can post E. Sokolova's ppt.

Dear xmca supporters, (Sorry this is late)
A big thanks to Olga for her untiring work with
ISCAR. I loved being at ISCAR in San Diego, and
appreciate everything that was offered. Olga's
kindness and support will never be forgotten,
especially with all of the problems I encountered
with technology. I do believe that ISCAR in San
Diego was a big success, and the closing party
was simply wonderful. And, I am so extremely
happy that Marilyn Fleer is the new President of
ISCAR (Director for the Centre for Research into
Childhood Studies, and Program Leader for Primary
and Early Childhood Education at Monash
University in Australia), and Michalis Kontopodis
(a young scholar from Greece living in Berlin) as
Secretary.Well, I wanted to mention a couple of
works I found to be very interesting at the last
ISCAR (some this is on Moodle at

*Fernanda Liberali and her team from Brazil. They
are working so hard in the Brazilian "favelas,"
with the poor, and I believe their work is
something we will get to know collectively, as
well as their deep connection to both Lev
Vygotsky and Paulo Freire. She is listed various
times in the abstracts.

*Peter Moxhay could not attend ISCAR. His paper:
"Assessing the Scientific Concept of Number in
Primary School Children." A very important paper
in the tradition of Davydov. I am sure Peter will
send it to anyone interested.
*Janna Glozman, Moscow Research Center of
Developmental Neuropsychology.
(www.children-psy.ru) I have visited this center
a number of times, and have been so impressed
with the way that Alexandra Soboleva (Director)
and her colleagues work with children with all
types of difficulties. I have been especially
impressed with the physical approach to therapy,
beginning with movements reflecting the
post-birth process, building up to very technical
physical exercises and coordination movements;
moving to the cognitive side of therapy, using
methods such as the School of AttentionŠ..it
represents a truly holistic approach to therapy.

*Holbrook Mahn, "Vygotsky's Analysis of Unit
"System of Meaning." Holbrook places his thoughts
within a "system," which is so important. An
important paper for "thinking and speech." His
paper is on Moodle.

*E. Sokolova, "Integration of Psychological
Knowledge in Dialectical Psychology: Possible
Approaches." Clearly, we need to start to think
more about Dialectical Psychology, and she speaks
of many things, but instead of the opposition of
consciousness and activity, she looks at the
opposition of representation and process, and
unity. Her report, along with reports from Sasha
Surmava and Lev Naumenko are important.
Sokolova's powerpoint is attached.

* Michalis Kontopodis, "Enacting Human
Developments: From Representation to
Multiplicity." An excellent paper.

Best to all,
P.S. Feel free to write off line for more specific information.

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