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I received this reply this afternoon.

Terri Hallam

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Apologies for this general statement, but it's the best I can do. I
have received thousands of emails and phone calls about the Turtle
Island account.

I did NOT write that account, forward it under my name, or ask for it
to be widely distributed.

I have never been to Turtle Island (which costs $2000/day), have
never met Senator McCain, was a classics major, not an English
Literature major, and never eat pancakes.

I regret the misinformation which is circulating, but it is not my doing.

How I think this happened: on 16 September I received this account
3rd-hand and forwarded it, with full email trail information and the
name of the purported author (whom I don't know), to several friends
with whom I discuss politics. It was further forwarded, and at some
point the trail was deleted and I was misidentified as the author. I
suspect whoever did this thought that my name and contact information
would make the story more credible.

Snopes.com is investigating the account; current status "undetermined."

This is NOT an organized effort on the part of any political candidate.

I hope you will pass this information on to anyone interested in this story.

I have no way of knowing whether this story is true or false. I do
know that I did not write it, and I protest the misuse of my name.


p.s. see the article on McCain in the current ROLLING STONE

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