[xmca] Children of Jihad (Book, and author's talk on BookTV)

From: Tony Whitson <twhitson who-is-at UDel.Edu>
Date: Sun Dec 30 2007 - 16:58:01 PST

I think some people on this list would be interested in a book discussed
by the author this weekend on BookTV on cable in the US, and viewable
using RealPlayer via the Internet. The program will be shown again Monday
morning 8-9am EST in the US. Information is linked from

The post there also links to XMCA postings by Jay Lemke and myself
reflecting a long-running difference between the two of us. The author's
testimony supports Jay's outlook, which is good, because Jay has been the
optimist, and I have been more skeptical and pessimistic -- so I hope that
he will turn out to be right and me wrong. (This has to do with new media
as a medium for activity that effectively defies forces of control.)

Tony Whitson
UD School of Education


"those who fail to reread
  are obliged to read the same story everywhere"
                   -- Roland Barthes, S/Z (1970)
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