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    From my perspective here are a few which are more or less
essential (the Middleton one I'm a bit less sure about, but it might
be interesting and helpful). The first two, in a sense, do not
address where he may be headed. However, they address the phenomenon
- a good starting point.

Bartlett, Fredrick C. "Remembering." Cambridge: Cambridge University
Press, 1932/1995.

Casey, Edward S. "Remembering: a Phenomenological Study."
Bloomington, Indiana: Indiana University Press, 2000.

David Moddleton and Derek Edwards (eds). Collective Remembering.
Thousand Oaks: Sage 190

A general question for you: Why do people write "Thank you in advance."?

Ed Wall

>A general question for any bibliographic help .
> I am advising a student preparing his bachillerato (5 year
>program) thesis. He wants to study how memories of significant
>events (in this case events during the period of political violence
>here during the 80s) are transmitted between the generation that
>experienced them and the generation following. He also would like
>to explore how this affects "identity" but I have suggested that he
>simply focus on the transmission of the memories of events that
>affected the entire group of community members with whom he's
>working. I suspect that questions of identity (us/them) will emerge
>in the process of exploring this process.
> So, could anyone help me with some biblio references in this direction?
> Thank you in advance.
> Paul
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