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There is possibly an interesting similarity here with how first
Australian's discribe mourning, as 'sorry business'.

Thanks for the definition.

Cheers, Geoff

On 14/12/2007, Dot Robbins <> wrote:
> This has been such a great discussion. Thanks. With a name like "Dorothy," half of the fun has been in "terms of endearment." I just started asking my students to address me as Dorothy one year ago, but, with other things, it has helped to change our relationship. The students now graduating cannot do that at all. With many friends around the world, they can write to me as "Dot," but when we are together they only say Dorothea, Doroti, or whatever. I have often thought about writing down the reactions to my strange name in different countries, and am so glad this discussion has happened. The great thing with my odd name is that no matter what form people take, they can make fun of it, and they really do:))
> It is like an "ice breaker"....the usual question everywhere is this, if I am a "wizard" (of "Oz") from Kansas. Most of all, I love disentangling hierarchies for volunteer at a shelter, work with orphans, work with street dogs in Moscow, sing with a blind group on a street in Puebla, Mexico, have friends who have no clue about me (in Moscow), offers me a chance to be me, without any labels attached in terms of a is just me, without any backup at all, and I simply love it. Sometimes, it is not easy.
> Okay, per request, I did want to give a fleeting/free, very short summary of perezhivanie from E. F. Vasilyuk, who wrote to all of you on xmca:
> "Perezhivanie is an inner activity (work) (for example "activity of sadness"), oriented towards the reconstruction and creation of the meaningfulness of life (of a meaningful/sense-filled life). The process of perezhivanie submits to four principles/rules: pleasure, reality, values, and creativity. The process of perezhivanie takes place on three levels/planes: experiencing feelings, expressing it, and creating sense/meaning/intelligence/comprehension/judgment, etc. Perezhivanie is the activity of a personality (a person), and it is not only a spontaneous process. Perezhivanie addresses the dialogical ("I cry not to you but to the aunt"), and it is mediated by cultural-symbolic forms."
> Vasilyuk goes on to say that perezhivanie in English is "experiencing + coping."
> F. E. Vasilyuk has an interesting article in Soviet Psychology (1990), 28/5, pp. 69-87, title:
> warm greetings to each of you,
> Dot, Dorothy, Dorothea, Doroti, Dr. Something, Professor of ??, disentangler of hierarchies
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