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HI Stefanie,
Could you give me some idea as to what you will be presenting on?
I have cut and paste emails...this will bring you up to speed with the
rest of the group - note: we may try for two symposia.
I'm glad you are interested in participating - Singapore is a long way
to come... :-)

Why DA? The Difference that Dynamic Assessment Makes

Dynamic assessment is generally considered to have had its origins in
the work of Vygotsky and the zone of proximal development (Vygotsky,
1978). It was the early 1950's when DA began to emerge in the literature
(Haywood & Lidz, 2007) to promote the cognitive and affective
development of a wide range of learners (e.g.shizophrenia, Alzheimer's,
L2 learners, individuals with special needs, etc.) by bringing
assessment and instruction together as a dialectically unified activity
(Lantolf & Poehner, 2008).
One approach, the Learning Potential Assessment Device (Feuerstein, Rand
& Hoffman, 1979) is a comprehensive approach to cognitive change (Alony
& Kozulin, 2007) while other approaches may target development within
specific domains (e.g. concept development in mathematics, reading, etc)
or focus on using DA for more diagnostic purposes (e.g. understanding
intelligence, as a form of RTI, etc). Indeed there have been
interesting developments with DA in Russia, with distinctions between
dynamic assessments as diagnostic tools diagnistika obuchaemosti, verses
dynamic assessments that are teaching-learning experiments, obuchayuchij
Not surprisingly there remains some uncertainty about DA even among
those most interested and involved in cultural-historical approaches
(e.g. sociocultural theory, CHAT, etc) and a healthy skepticism in terms
of what DA claims to provide. Thus, the goal of this symposium is to
bring forward some of the varied understandings and recent applications
of dynamic assessment and to address the most fundamental question
within the context of those who lay claim to the influence of Vygotsky
in their work: why Dynamic Assessment and what difference does it make?

Jim Lantolf has agreed to be our discussant at ISCAR. He will need
copies of your papers and/or PowerPoint's before ISCAR. I will advise of
a date once we are underway.
I will need some confirmation from some of you soon as to your
participation so that I can prepare a lengthier or double symposium. I
will be in contact with the organizers to see what works best.
This promises to be an exciting symposium. I look forward to your

In preparation for the symposium , I will need the following information
before January 31st (I will send out a firm date):

>Family name
>Given name
>Email address
>Institutional affiliation
>Mailing address: street, city, state/province, country, postal code/zip
>Abstract (must be in English) of 400-500 words.

>If your paper is to be presented in another language you must provide
>your own translator.

>Acceptance/rejection is March 17th.
>Final digital version of summaries is due April 7th.

Regular paper,
Theme area; I am proposing Theme B, Contexts, Complexities, Challenges,
and Collaborations of Culture and
Activity: dialogue and the co-construction of knowledge might best fit

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Hi Emily,

Yes I would be interested.

Stefanie Chye
Psychological Studies Academic Group
National Institute of Education
Nanyang Technological University

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Hello all,

I just wanted to check in to see if there were still others
contemplating or interested in contributing to our very diverse DA

~ Em




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