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Eric. if you are Eric, I am mike.
Sort of a southern california cultural convention to use first names that
can be very
irritating in some situations, but important, I believe, not to haul out
credentials in
this discussion group because it only gets in the way of participation. This
is a mutual
growth enterprise, not a status marking one.

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> Bruce, Kevin, et al.:
> A topic near and dear to my heart. The question of standardized tests
> providing measures of intelligence was found to be contextual by Scribner
> and Cole's "Psychology of Literacy" project and has continued to be shown
> to be a measure of cultural intelligence rather then individual
> intelligence by the years of those who write in the cross-cultural
> tradition (i.e. Cole, Traupman, Glick, McDermott, etc.). See for instance
> the first run Newsletter of the Institute for Comparative Human
> Development.
> Also, if people are so inclined I have never pushed this on the listserve
> but at this point I see no reason in not submitting my humble paper.
> Negative comments are more welcome then no comments and of course praise
> is
> most appreciated. Also, Dr. Cole I apologize if your theories are
> misrepresented.
> (See attached file: zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.doc)
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