Re: [xmca] Watson redux

From: E. Knutsson <eikn6681 who-is-at>
Date: Wed Dec 12 2007 - 00:38:52 PST


When Mike posted the article about Watson's genome, he did so because
he "thought people might find it interesting." Likewise, I do not necessarily
subscribe to the views expressed in the articles. In danger of exchanging
commonplaces: Clash of ("logocentric"?) opinions can be useful and informative
if one is willing to run the risk of expanding horizons. My comments regarding
logos was not addressed to you, but to the original "genome" article.


On 2007-12-12, at 04:24, Paul Dillon wrote:
> E
> When you posted those articles to the list, I assumed you did so for the
purpose of discussing them i n relation to the topic of the relationship
between genetics and culture.. If you examine my post, you will find that I
only used claims to reason and evidence, not to character , emotion or norms
which seems to be the point you've raised about my post.
> Paul
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