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I really had to share it with you. Enjoy it.
  Ana Paula
  An Indian educator's disdain for our obsession with testing, was epitomized by the
statement that "in India, when we want the elephant to grow, we feed the elephant. We don't weigh the elephant."
  Teach students to think of their brain as a muscle that strengthens with use, and have them visualize the brain forming new connections every time they learn.
Discourage use of labels ("smart," "dumb," and so on) that convey intelligence as a fixed entity.
Praise students' effort, strategies, and progress, not their intelligence. Praising intelligence leads to students to fear challenges and makes them feel stupid and discouraged when they have difficulty.
Give students challenging work. Teach them that challenging activities are fun and that mistakes help them learn.

  Milton Chen is executive director of The George Lucas Educational Foundation.

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