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Thank you Mike!
"Common Metaphors and Their Impact on Distance Education" seems to be an
interesting article.

Luísa Aires
(Universidade Aberta, Portugal)

> Laires & All-- Maybe the problem is that the articles are only available
> for
> a week. See if there is anything here you are interested in.
> mike
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> Subject: TCRecord This Week: Common Metaphors and Their Impact on Distance
> Education
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> Freely-Available This Week
> Articles
> Common Metaphors and Their Impact on Distance Education: What They Tell Us
> and What They Hide <>
> by Katrina Meyer
> This article explores some of the common metaphors used to illuminate the
> Web and its application to distance education. Using the work of Lakoff
> and
> Johnson (1980) as a foundation for understanding and categorizing
> metaphors,
> the advantages and disadvantages for our future of such metaphors as the
> "Web,""Information Highway,""virtual,""surfing,""information as
> education,"
> and "distance education" are evaluated.
> Commentaries
> What Are Some of the Potential Problems of the Various "New Math"
> Techniques
> Being Taught in Some American
> Schools?<>
> by R. James Milgram
> I give a brief history of the new math, and then discuss two of the topics
> introduced into the K-12 curriculum from the new math, problem solving as
> a
> separate part of instruction, and the introduction of foundational rules
> for
> arithmetic, the associative, commutative, and distributive laws, early in
> instruction. I indicate the serious problems with their implementation
> currently.
> Book Reviews
> Partners in Literacy: Schools and Libraries Building Communities Through
> Technology <>
> by Sondra Cuban and Larry Cuban
> reviewed by John W. Collins
> ------------------------------
> Curriculum and the Cultural
> Body<>
> by Stephanie Springgay and Debra Freedman (Eds.)
> reviewed by Katya Wesolowski
> ------------------------------
> Ethnicity Matters: Rethinking how Black, Hispanic and Indian Students
> Prepare for and Succeed in
> College<>
> by MaryJo Benton Lee (Ed.)
> reviewed by Kristan Venegas
> For Subscribers
> Leaving No Child Behind Yet Allowing None Too Far Ahead: Ensuring
> (In)Equity
> in Mathematics Education Through the Science of Measurement and
> Instruction<>
> by Mark W Ellis
> This inquiry raises questions about the manner in which the No Child Left
> Behind Act aims to improve mathematics education through continued
> reliance
> on standardized testing and mandated use of scientifically based teaching
> practices. Specifically, it is argued that this approach is tied to
> assumptions about intellectual ability and achievement that precipitated
> the
> dividing practices used to justify differential access to mathematics
> learning almost a century ago. An examination of so-called objective and
> scientific approaches to school mathematics suggests the need for more
> earnest reflection about the particular path toward educational progress
> privileged by this legislation.
> A Desire to Learn: African American Children's Positive Attitudes Toward
> Learning Within School Cultures of Low
> Expectations<>
> by Jeffrey L. Lewis & Eunhee Kim
> This qualitative study examines whether oppositional attitudes toward
> learning prevail among African American children attending two low-income
> urban elementary schools in California. In addition, we examine how
> African
> American children's beliefs about good teachers compare with what we
> document as good teaching.
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