Re: [xmca] cognition bounded?

From: Ana Guenthner <anaguenthner who-is-at>
Date: Thu Dec 06 2007 - 10:18:40 PST

Hello Eugene,

I am so glad to "hear" your voice!

I live in a typical southern California suburb. The Thousand Oaks mall
parking lot reminds me of Disneyland. Just a typical lot with a sea of
cars and cement posts with labels "A1, A2 and goes on and on to N1,
N2." The Santa Ana winds are sometimes ruthless and these labels fly
off the posts leaving me dependent on my memory. I can assure you that
my emotions run high trying to find my car in the dark.

In the past, I sketched or doodled the location of my car looking at
symbols such as a tree or a letter on a wall (a survival skill I
practiced when learning to navigate and drive in a developing country
<grin>). The inclusion of a camera in my cell phone gave me a more
convenient way of remembering my car, so now I take pictures. I must
have had a desire to resolve the intensity of the "feelings" I got in
that particular emotional state. The cell phone did not have any
meaning for me until it had a camera. Ah, life is much better now.

An interesting chapter on objects of desire, from Nardi and
Keptelinin's book, Acting with Technology made me wonder....hmm,
should there be a motive towards the conflict between maturation and
situation or should it be in relation to the object?

warmly, AnaG

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> What do you think?

> Eugene
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