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From: David Preiss <davidpreiss who-is-at uc.cl>
Date: Fri Nov 30 2007 - 07:54:27 PST

Dear XMCARs,

Just saw yesterday Lions for Lambs. I would love to hear what people
might say here about the movie.

For what is worth, I found it more urgent than good as a movie, and a
bit stereotypical (as regards the portrait of the professor and the

However, I liked the portrait of the student as representative of not
only the new generations of students in North America but as well
here in Chile. That kind of intelligent /informed/ hypocritical /
passive attitude seems to be the most characteristic feature of
contemporary college students and I wonder how it connects to the
fact that these guys were raised in a post-cold war, internet based,
highly interconnected but parochial world.

And, coming back to the movie, I really liked the critical view of
the role played by the press in the iraqi war, which I deem highly
responsible of the non-critical context that drove the USA to the
situation where it stands now. Do we have a different press now?

Any thoughts?

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