[xmca] "person/ality" "individual" "identity"

From: Tony Whitson <twhitson who-is-at UDel.Edu>
Date: Tue Nov 27 2007 - 16:02:15 PST

In our discussions here, "personality" has sometimes been differentiated
from "identity"; but there's been less differentiation between the notions
of "identity" and "individual."

I think the notion of persons as individuals emerged in the West before
the development of "identity" as a matter of concern: as a problem, or a

Consider C. B. Macpherson's The Political Theory of Possessive
Individualism: From Hobbes to Locke (1962)

I think that work traces robust ideas of "individual" without the distinct
problematization of identity as such. In fact, for classical liberal
economic and political theory, the "individual" with a given set of
individual preferences almost has to be treated as something

Tony Whitson
UD School of Education


"those who fail to reread
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