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for folks not so familiar with the Frankfurt School, it might be helpful
to note that identity & self-identity vs. negation, non-identity, &
relations were central for them -- especially for Adorno, who wrote a book
I think with the title "Negations."

On Sun, 25 Nov 2007, Martin Packer wrote:

> Horkheimer and Adorno pointed out that the concept of "person" is distinct
> from that of "individual" in interesting and important ways. Person, persona
> and personality imply that one finds oneself in specific personal relations,
> and that one defines oneself in terms of these relationships. In contrast,
> the individual is something that cannot be divided, that is self-identical.
> On 11/25/07 6:05 PM, "Mike Cole" <> wrote:
>> Presumably Vygotsky was, at least in part, a
>> modernist. But he
>> focused on personality, not identity, as a core concept. Is the difference
>> disciplinary? Warsaw vs. Gomel?
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