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Hi Susan,

If your definition of "talk" includes text-based, computer-mediated
communication, you might want to take a look at Eva Lam's work. Many of her
papers are available here:

I especially like

Lam, Wan Shun Eva (2000). Second Language Literacy and the Design of the
Self: A Case Study of a Teenager Writing on the Internet. TESOL Quarterly,
34 (3): 457-483.


Lam, Wan Shun Eva (2004). Second Language Socialization in a Bilingual Chat
Room: Global and Local Considerations. Language Learning and Technology, 8
(3): 44-65.


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I've been reading the last few exchanges on Lave & Wenger and Wenger with
great interest. Mike's comment on how Cain's statement about the way "a
person understands and views himself" and how this fits with the
epistemological position that L&W put forth made me think of the puzzle that
I'm facing in a project on school leaders' experiences in a "Courage to
Lead" retreat series. Briefly, the Courage to Lead retreats are inspired by
the work of Parker Palmer (the author of the book "The courage to teach" and
many others that are pretty popular) and are designed to help educators
reconnect with their sense of true self.

In an attempt to avoid getting caught in the debate about whether there is
such a thing as a true self or whether the self is completely a constructed
notion, I'm looking at the discursive resources that are made available
during the retreats (talk, activities, artifacts) for talking about (and
possibly experiencing?) an inner self. (This is one way that I read Cain
fitting with L&W's social epistemology.) This is a lot of background -- my
question is this:

Does anyone know of ethnographic studies of the construction of/experience
of self that might help me understand how talk (in particular) mediates a
particular view of an inner self?

Thanks for your help with this.

Susan Jurow
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