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This article from the same issue may also be of interest:

Daniels, Harry. "Discourse and Identity in Cultural-Historical Activity
Theory: A Response." International Journal of Educational Research 46, no.
1-2 (2007): 94-99.

Abstract: This article provides a response to two of the papers [including
Roth's] in the collection. In doing so it takes up two issues: the
conceptualization and analysis of discourse within Cultural Historical
Activity Theory (CHAT) and notions of identity and subject positioning
within CHAT. Bernstein [(2000). Pedagogy, symbolic control and identity:
Theory research critique (revised edition). Oxford: Rowman and
Littlefield.] and Hasan [(2005). Semiotic mediation, language and society:
Three exotripic theories--Vygotsky, Halliday and Bernstein. In J.J.
Webster (Ed.), Language, society and consciousness: Ruqaiya Hasan. London:
Equinox.] inform the commentary.

On Sat, 24 Nov 2007, Tony Whitson wrote:

> Thanks, Michael,
> Here's the abstract of that article:
> Cultural-Historical Activity Theory (CHAT), which had been termed the
> best-held secret of education about 15 years ago, has had an exponential
> growth over the past three decades. Because it thematizes largely the
> structural aspects of activity systems, the theory only recently has been
> developed to include emotional, motivational, and identity-related aspects of
> everyday human praxis. Identity itself is a difficult concept so that we are
> only at the beginning of understanding how to theorize it. In this article, I
> use empirical data from my ethnographic fieldwork in one rural community
> generally and its middle school specifically to expand CHAT so that it can be
> used to theorize identity and its relation to the moral nature of agency. The
> inclusion becomes possible through the concept of action, which is central to
> CHAT, identity, and agency.
> 2007, Wolff-Michael Roth wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I hesitated in letting you know, because I have no intention or need for
>> self-promotion. But some may be interested in this paper in which I
>> develop a CHAT position on identity; and it appeared in a special issue
>> that our CHAT colleague Julian Williams from Manchester University had
>> edited. Cheers, Michael
>> Roth, W.-M. (2007). The ethico-moral nature of identity: Prolegomena to
>> the development of third-generation cultural-historical activity theory.
>> International Journal of Educational Research, 46, 83-93.
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