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Below is the beginning of a thought which people might complete in their own

In the US it is Thanksgiving Day. Tomorrow is the largest conumption day of
the year
not because it is a day late in stopping to think THOSE THOUGHTS, bug
because the day
after Thanksgiving day is the start of Chistmas consumption madness

So distribution of other thoughts with respect to the corresponding
invitation to consume seem welcome.
American National Public Radio had a lot of interesting things to tell about
the centrality of consumption
to post-postal Capitalism.

What do you think?


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Thanks Giving - is a time of gratitude for family and further
for extending the circle of our loving beyond the borders of mere flesh and
Let's try to be mindful, gratefully noticing the good
in our lives with gratitude. But let's not stop at that. Why
not take it to the next step - to a deeper level, by practicing
gratitude. Mindfulness in action. Share in some way. Think about what
you have with deep appreciation and rather than just giving in to greed,
wanting more of this or that, or the next this or that - Just Give. With
so much need in the world - all around, in each of us, and in all of us,
just give.
There is justness and righteousness in it.
     ~ Lama Surya Das
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