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Thanks Michael. And the following link provides a brief entree to Deely's work.


On Wednesday, November 21, 2007, at 12:36AM, "Wolff-Michael Roth" <> wrote:
>I think it was Sebeok who started zoo-semiotics, and Martin Krampen
>started or an early advocate of phytosemiotics. If you go back
>through SEMIOTICA, there may be some articles. There is also a
>collected volume, Deely/Williams/Kruse (eds), where I first came
>across this work. Cheers, Michael
>On 20-Nov-07, at 1:43 AM, Phil Chappell wrote:
>Hi All,
>Just wondering whether anyone here is familiar with the concept of
>animals, plants and single cells engaging in semiosis - see book
>announcement below.
>Title: Introduction to Biosemiotics
>Subtitle: The New Biological Synthesis
>Published: 2007
>Publisher: Springer
>Book URL:
>Editor: Marcello Barbieri
>Hardback: ISBN: 9781402048135 Pages: 530 Price: U.K. 107.50
>This book is addressed to students, researchers and academics who have
>barely heard of the emerging young science of Biosemiotics, and who
>want to
>know more about it. Written by many of the field's major
>contributors, it
>provides a highly qualified introduction to Biosemiotics and illustrates
>the most recent views in its background and development.
>Combining research approaches from biology, philosophy and
>linguistics, the
>field of Biosemiotics proposes that animals, plants and single cells all
>engage in semiosis - the conversion of objective signals into
>signs. This has important implications and applications for issues
>from natural selection to animal behavior and human psychology, leaving
>biosemiotics at the cutting edge of the research on the fundamentals of
>Drawing on an international expertise, the book details the history and
>study of biosemiotics, and provides a state-of-the-art summary of the
>current work in this new field. And, with relevance to a wide range of
>disciplines - from linguistics and semiotics to evolutionary
>phenomena and
>the philosophy of biology - the book provides an important text for both
>students and established researchers, while marking a vital step in the
>evolution of a new biological
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