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Seems like this might be to wide interest.

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Subject: Clicking and Constructing during a School-Wide PBL Project using
Science as the Driving Force
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    *Volume VI, Number 5*

Welcome to *Volume VI, Number 5* of m*e*chanisms, the *e*newsletter that
promotes effective and proven Methodologies and Strategies for Teaching and
Learning Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) for
exemplary teaching and learning.

*Clicking and Constructing during a School-Wide PBL Project using Science as
the Driving Force.** *I recently had a discussion with a colleague who is a
so called "Guru" of IT. We discussed what the real meaning of IT should be.
He recalled a typing class that he took while in high school over 20 years
ago, where they used typewriters instead of computers. His analogy was that
learning "How-To" type is a skill that was learned as they "drilled" on
letters/numbers and then had to apply such skills on research papers,
projects and other documents. If you ask him what he typed, he was less
likely to answer, but if you ask him "How-To" type, he could easily define
the keys on the keyboard and explain how to apply this simple skill in
various settings. Doing this has allowed him to use such skills through
higher education and during his career as "time is saved" and this is truly
a skill for those involved in IT careers.

Now some are saying, why is this important and in mechanisms and what is the
point? If we look at today's learner as they are "Clicking" gadgets that may
be empty, what will they truly know/learn? It is this question that must be
answered as STEM education continues to be an important part of society's
concerns. Join us in this issue as we revisit a school-wide PBL project that
allowed learners to design experiments, "Construct" project artifacts and
"Click" on technology toolsets and gadgets to complete projects.

     *This Issue*

*Pedagogical (Instructional) Methodologies and Strategies**
Clicking and Constructing for Knowledge and Skills in Science
**Project-Based Study/Problem-Based Learning Centre**
Rigor, Relevance and Relationships during PBL Experiences
**Enabling Technologies Korner**
**Assessment Anthologies**
Scientific Method
**Bilingual/ESL and ASL Connections**
Learn about Science: Using Visual Strategies, Technology and Culture
**Virtual Connect**
Real World Linkages, Professional Development and Useful Links
**STEM "Brain" Teaser**
**Alligators vs. Crocodiles*

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