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The 2nd Congress of the International Society

for Cultural and Activity Research (ISCAR)

Ecologies of Diversities: The Developmental

and Historical Interarticulation of Human Mediational


University of California, San Diego, CA, USA

September 8-13, 2008

The Southern California Planning Committee is

proud to announce the Second Annual ISCAR

Conference taking place at the University of

California, San Diego in September, 2008. All

those interested in theory and research on

culture and activity are invited to attend. The

conference is hosted by a coalition of six Southern

California universities: CSSM, SDSU, UCLA,

UCSD, UCSB, and USD. We look forward to your


We are born, inhabit, and create multiple

worlds reflecting our biological, sociocultural,

and interpersonal roots. We are both the subjects

and objects of the ecologies that constitute

our existence and conscious capacities as

humans. As humans, we create and are created

by our social and cultural institutions as well as

our mundane representations of our everyday

world of actions and experiences.

ISCAR 2008 is a celebration of this awareness

and its potentials for understanding the human

condition in today's liquid modernity and

for resolving the challenges we face in creating

conditions for a pieaceful and prosperous

world - a world that is in balance with our

needs for respect, dignity, and harmony within

and across social identities, cultures, languages,

and nations. It celebrates variations of opinion,

the old and the new, and what's to come.

The program committee invites researchers to

send proposals that correspond to one of the

conference themes. The conference themes

include A (Theory and research approaches

within and across local and global social contexts),

B (Contexts, complexities, challenges, and

collaborations of culture and activity), and C

(Theoretical and methodological explorations).

A proposal may be submitted for:

. A paper that corresponds to one of the

congress themes or subthemes

. A symposium that corresponds to one of

the congress (sub)themes

. A poster that corresponds to one of the

congress (sub)themes

See the conference website, http://www.

iscar2008.com/home.html, for more detailed

information about conference themes and subthemes.

Proposals must be submitted by email and sent

to: Iscar2008.com. The deadline for submissions

is January 31, 2008.

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