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From: Andy Blunden <ablunden who-is-at>
Date: Sat Nov 17 2007 - 18:28:39 PST

Well I don't know about all these triangles and dialectical dualisms
either, but I have only just discovered Skype. For me (outside academia and
in the wrong hemisphere) this offers a really cheap option for
participating in these international discussions, so I do agree with Mark
that this looks like a good artefact to use in learning.
At 04:04 PM 17/11/2007 -0800, you wrote:
>I am not sure whether we ought to represent them separately, as they
>are dialectically related, that is, two aspects of the same coin that
>one-sidedly ( :-) ) represent the whole thing. This is what I have
>been suggesting for a while, not that we need to represent them
>separately, but that we need to look at Yrjö's structure and think it
>in terms of representing the dialectical co-presence of the ideal and
>material. Michael
>On 17-Nov-07, at 3:33 PM, Mike Cole wrote:
>As to having ideal and material triangles separately represented, I have
>not made it that far yet either. I do think that all cultural artifacts are
>both material and ideal, and it may well make sense to extend this approach
>to all elements of an activity system, I just have not gotten there in my
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