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Radius of subjectivity is not new but providing different language for
social situations can help introduce new thinking about the age old
question, "Why and How are humans what they are?"

Consider the following quote regarding Kurt Lewin:

 For Kurt Lewin behaviour was determined by totality of an individual's situation. In his field
 theory, a 'field' is defined as 'the totality of coexisting facts which are conceived of as
 mutually interdependent' (Lewin 1951: 240). Individuals were seen to behave differently according
 to the way in which tensions between perceptions of the self and of the environment were worked
 through. The whole psychological field, or 'lifespace', within which people acted had to be
 viewed, in order to understand behaviour. Within this individuals and groups could be seen in
 topological terms (using map-like representations). Individuals participate in a series of life
 spaces (such as the family, work, school and church), and these were constructed under the
 influence of various force vectors (Lewin 1952).

this was taken from the following website:

or consider Jaan Valsiner's Zone theory that suggests people develop based
on their zone of free movement, society's zone of promoted action and the
specific zone of proximal development ( as defined by Seth Chaiklen).

I for one appreciate your input and believe if you were to extrapolate
further you may be onto a successful philosophical tool Andy!


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My reason for splurting the thought on to the list was the suspicion that
it was not original.
There are differences though. The idea of "radius" as a measure unites, for

example, both "society" and the "individual", which people regularly talk
about as two distinct levels needing some kind of bridge between them, and
you have people talking about "agency" in quite contradictory ways, using
the same word for what appears as two different things, but actually
involves different radii which has a continuous scale. Plus you mention a
trichotomy, but a quite different trichotomy to identity, agency and
At 03:17 PM 8/11/2007 -0800, you wrote:
> Great! But wait....
> What's the relationship between your "radii of subjectivity" (and my
> "event horizon" and Mike's and LSV's "social situation of learning"

> the terms proliferate!) and the trichotomy (if that is what it is)
> "operation", "action", and "activity"?
> That's my question!
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