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From: Mark Smith <mpsmith who-is-at UDel.Edu>
Date: Sun Nov 04 2007 - 15:48:25 PST

Hello everyone-


I am involved in a research project in which we are videotaping a classroom
from 2 different vantage points. For our analysis, we would like a software
tool that could display the two videos side-by-side, and synchronize them.
In other words, we want to be able to display the classroom events from two
different recordings, and to synchronize what's recorded on the videos so
that what is being displayed on the screen in "Video 1" is going on at the
same time as what is displayed in "Video 2." We wondered if anyone is
familiar with a software tool that could do this.


Here are the essential features:


1. The ability to play two videos simultaneously and to pause, rewind,
fast forward them both together. Video 1 would display in a window, and
video 2 would display in the other window. When you hit one "play" button,
both videos would play. When you hit one "pause" button, you could pause the
two videos, or rewind them back the same amount of time. It's important for
this to be one button, rather than 2 (which would be difficult to manage
during analysis).

2. An alternative would be a program that could synchronize two videos
and allow them to be exported as one video file, which could be displayed in
one window using a conventional video player. Ideally, it would be nice if
both features existed in the same program.


Here are some optional features that would be nice to have:


1. Ideally, it would be nice if you could "save" the synchronized
videos as a "project," so that the next time you open the program, the
videos are already synchronized. Alternatively, this could be done manually
each time we opened the program if we could manually set parameters (but
this is an extra step, of course).

2. Perhaps there is some program out there with the ability to
synchronize two videos in time automatically based on sound patterns? The
same recorded sound wave pattern could signal the program to synchronize the
2 videos at the same point.


Any help is appreciated, including what search terms to look for (video
synchronization?), any corporations that might make such software, or any
researchers you're aware of that may have done this kind of research before.


Thanks for your help,


Mark Smith


Mark Smith

School of Education

University of Delaware

Newark, DE 19716 USA


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