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I just downloaded and used this free software, and it's unbelievable. When I
went up for tenure a few years back, I had to hand-count cites from the Web
of Science (which was a big improvement over going to the library and
looking them up in a print directory). With this, I just typed in my name
and a span of years, and instantly got all of the info you'd ever need for
your tenure/promotion dossier. Highly recommended. p

Peter Smagorinsky
The University of Georgia
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An internet research network I subscribe too is worrying about its
reputation and those who publish in relevant journals. At MCA we get various
requests designed to show assess its academic weightiness. Thought this
might be of interest to some of you. Check yourselves, or a journal,
or a nemisis out and tell us all the sordid details!

Dr Anne-Wil Harzing at the University of Melbourne provides a software
program called "Publish or Perish" that retrieves and analyzes academic
citations based on Google Scholar which has better coverage of
(citations in) books, conference proceedings and a wider range of
journals and retrieves more citations in Social Sciences, Arts &
Humanities than ISI
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