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Thank you, David!
I will try to translate the paper to English, latter.


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Thank you for forwarding your paper. I could only skim the provisional text
(Portuguese not being a toolforthought that I have mastered, sadly), but I
enjoyed what I was able to understand from it.


If you (or others) are interested, I am also teaching a course this semester
on mediational means (called, not surprisingly, Tools for Thought). I is one
I have taught several times in the past, and I think the syllabus will have
some overlaps with yours--and some differences too; the term "affinity" is
aptly chosen in your comments below! My choices of readings are surely
idiosyncratic, but the syllabus is available online if you (or others) are

The URL is


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>Yes, Mike. "Toolforthoughts" is a very suitable analysis cathegory to study
>mediational means in digital society. Shaffer and Clintons' perspective as
>well as other ones have led to a revolution in my point of view about
>thought and tools relations. I attach a provisional text, in Portuguese. I
>apologize Xmca--ities who don’t my language.
>Luísa Aires
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>Lots of great suggestions. Yes, I think we have agreed about the affinity
>toolforthoughts and mediational theories of mind.
>Yes Dewey (Hickman on "Dewey's pragmatic philosophy"?? What Snowdon? How
>about Understanding Media as an opener for
>> David
>> "Truth is the daughter of time, not of authority."
>> Sir Francis Bacon
>> On Aug 29, 2007, at 5:12 PM, Mike Cole wrote:
>> Dear Xmca-ites---
>> Toward the end of the month I will begin teaching a grad course on
>> mediational theories of mind.
>> I would love suggestions for interesting readings.
>> We will be looking in a sort of "mcLuhanesque" way at the affordances of
>> different kinds of mediators
>> in human action/activity/mind.
>> So, language and thought
>> writing
>> film
>> music
>> tv
>> rituals
>> games
>> .........
>> Starting with early 20th century writers of general familiarity to
>> of this list, I have been thinking about including
>> such works as Cszikentmihalyi, "meaning of things," Turkle's recent
>> "evocative objects," and perhaps something on mediated
>> behavior in large groups such as "the wisdom of crowds."
>> Any and all suggestions warmly welcomed. So much going on its hard to
>> think about how to begin to think about this
>> upcoming fall!!
>> mike
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