[xmca] Empty Message Bodies

From: Bruce Jones <bjones who-is-at weber.ucsd.edu>
Date: Wed Aug 15 2007 - 09:39:50 PDT

Recently we've seen a few messages with no body. The header is there but
the text is not. It appears that some mail gateways are now stripping
off message bodies if they appear to contain spam or viruses.

As the crackers rachet up their efforts to install viruses via email
messages we can expect the number of hosts that autuomatically strip
such messages to increase.

This is particularly a problem for mail programs (clients) like Outlook
and MS Exchange that send, by default, base64 messages instead of
plain (ascii) text messages. The body of such a message looks like
a block of random characters, which is what many virus attachments look
like as well.

Whether or not you use Micro$oft's products, you might want to check
your outgoing mail configuration and set your client so that it sends
plain text messages. The gateways that strip off such text aren't
the only ones out there who have a problem with base64 text.


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