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Hello Mike,

Thanks for your interest!
The Schatzki book I've been reading is: "Social Practices: A Wittgensteinian Approach to Human Activity and the Social" (Cambridge University Press, 1996). A copy of it should not be too hard to get. He discusses the ideas of dipersed practices and interative practices in Ch. 3. After reading it I thought that integrative practices parallel quite closely activities as understood in AT but I could not find a parallel for the concept of dispersed practices. The way I understood those is as a sort of modular sayings and doings, which can occur within the context of different integrative practices and hold different meanings. For example, questioning can be thought of as a dispersed practice because it does not carry its own rules or teleoaffective structure. These are provided by the different integrative practices within which questioning occurs -- practices as different as interrogating and teaching.

What I am interested is being able to discuss within an AT framework elements consistent with Schatzki's dispersed practices. I am working on a project studying the use of mobile technologies for information-seeking during routine policing activities in the UK. I am looking at a number of activities such as traffic stops and emergency response to incidents. AT is our set framework and I would find being able to discuss information-seeking episodes occuring within the different activities very useful. I just don't know if AT carries something of its own which can do the job.


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I should have know to look on google and depend upon the library of the
university of california!

Lots of info there.


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