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Date: Mon Aug 06 2007 - 03:11:43 PDT

The Journal of Workplace Learning has just published a special issue on
the contributions of CHAT to workplace and organizational learning. The
issue has a guest editorial by Yrjö and Hannele Kerosuo. You can see the
full contents below. The articles on Developmental Work Research and
third generation AT (Toiviainen; Daniels, Warmington) look particularly
interesting to me.


Journal of Workplace Learning

  Volume 19
  Issue 6

Article Title: From workplace learning to inter-organizational learning
and back: the contribution of activity theory
Authors: Yrjö Engeström, Hannele Kerosuo
Article Type: Research paper
Keywords: Learning organizations, Networking, Workplace learning
Pages: 336-342
Link to Page:

Article Title: Inter-organizational learning across levels: an
object-oriented approach
Authors: Hanna Toiviainen
Article Type: Research paper
Keywords: Individual psychology, Learning methods, Learning
organizations, Networking, Psychology
Pages: 343-358
Link to Page:

Article Title: Workplace learning in the New Zealand apple industry
network: A new co-design method for government “practice making”
Authors: Roberta Hill, Phillip Capper, Ken Wilson, Richard Whatman,
Karen Wong
Article Type: Research paper
Keywords: Best practice, Government policy, Horticulture, New Zealand,
Small to medium-sized enterprises, Workplace learning
Pages: 359-376
Link to Page:

Article Title: Analysing third generation activity systems:
labour-power, subject position and personal transformation
Authors: Harry Daniels, Paul Warmington
Article Type: Research paper
Keywords: Activity-based management, Industrial sociology,
Object-oriented methods, Professional education
Pages: 377-391
Link to Page:

Article Title: E-learning in a large organization: A study of the
critical role of information sharing
Authors: Grete Netteland, Barbara Wasson, Anders I. Mørch
Article Type: Case study
Keywords: E-learning, Information sharing, Workplace learning
Pages: 392-411
Link to Page:

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