Re: [xmca] What about a new kind of XMCA forum?

From: Kevin Rocap <Kevin.Rocap who-is-at>
Date: Wed Apr 18 2007 - 07:28:10 PDT

Dear Mike,

Definitely interested. Though I haven't had much luck retrieving the
prior course in usable/accessible format from the Center where I
previously worked I do have someone locally who has offered to give it
another shot.

I've also, since that time, done more work facilitating Online Teacher
Education Learning Networks and other K-12 Global Learning Networks, so
am happy to help as/if needed.

Just recently I helped organize a foray of some of my doctoral
cadremates into Second Life to visit the island Linda Polin and current
doctoral and masters students are developing. At my suggestion we also
used a Skypecast (multi-point audio conference) as a back-channel to
that visit, so that besides text chatting, some of us were also voice
chatting (almost the old-fashioned way, sans presence or even video).
I've also been using desktop video approaches, including Skype, various
messenger services and iVisit.

So we should have good possibilities for a multi-modal experience, with
a variety of technologies that can ensure free or low-cost access for

In Peace,

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