Re: [xmca] What about a new kind of XMCA forum?

From: Hans Knutagård <hans.knutagard who-is-at>
Date: Tue Apr 17 2007 - 21:51:57 PDT

Hi Mike and all others,

Sweden is in ;-)

With Hans

[DATE], skrev [NAME] på [ADDRESS] följande:

> Deborah Downing has been present at some of the video seminars I participate
> in via the internet and has
> started talking about the idea of a distributed set of lectures that were
> streamed/archives on various topics.
> Lois's comments about reading Wittgenstein arrived at some part of my
> distributed cognitive system in
> conjunction with this idea.
> With recent changes in technology, we should be able to create a virtual,
> distributed course on key topics of
> interest to the XMCA community which could be participated in in either
> realtime or non-syunchronously in
> combination with XMCA discussions in print.
> Anyone interested?
> mike
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