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From: Mike Cole <lchcmike who-is-at gmail.com>
Date: Sun Apr 15 2007 - 13:17:51 PDT


Deborah's message asking about the article co-authored by Demasio motivates
me to remind folks that information that appears on XMCA is in principle
always retrievable by a couple of means. If you can remember a key word,
googling lchc at the lchc.ucsd.edu home page will get you there. If you
but remember that the topic came up "last week" (or in this case, last
month) you can go to the xmca home page (lchc.ucsd.edu/discusssions I think,
the red brick road) and get prior discussions. I remembered the Gordon had
posted the information about this and other articles on xmca and after a
start with current discussions, checked march, search by author, and voila!

Deborah-- I think the entire issue the article was taken from will be of
interest to you. I retrieved them all at <

which is a new journal that is not yet available online here so far as I
could tell. The editors' intro provides the rationale for why a journal on
mind, brain
and education now. Of relevance to anyone who takes seriously LSV's idea of
the development of humans as the emergent outcome of phylogenetic,
cultural, ontogenetic, and microgenetic history!!
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