Re: [xmca] agency as product?

From: Lara Beaty (
Date: Wed Nov 15 2006 - 03:47:47 PST

These answers in response to my question have thus far been very
helpful. I'm not clear what the difference between agency and volition
is or what the choice of words might imply, except that volition seems
to connect more directly to old debates about "will." I'm also unclear
about what a "weasel-word" is. I do believe, however, there is a need
to make these concerns more central.

I started my dissertation with the intent of showing that greater uses
of agency among high school students would be intricately connected to
more indications of (media/critical literacy) development. Along the
way, evidence of "development" became cloudier and cloudier, and I have
few hopes of ever clearing that up completely (though I can ask much
better questions about it now). More central to the current context, I
am far more aware that agency/volition is so connected to development
that it is perhaps a more important "outcome," though one that schools
too often impede. I operationalized "agency" for my dissertation but
would really like to tackle this issue more directly.

I'll be exploring your website tomorrow, Andy, when I don't have to
teach. Thanks.

Lara Beaty

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