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The fiddle of speech is an example of linguistic metonymy. Metaphoric
language, in which one carries semantic elements between unlike entities
seems to me to require conceptual sophistication as regards semantic
meanings and bracketing off of semantic categories. Metonymy which
involves carrying a name to a functionally connected entity seems to me to
require license. A standard example is "the orange juice needs his bill" in
which a waitress takes a metonymic short cut in such a way as to elide the
humanity of the customer with the orange juice.
David Kirshner

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you wrote,

So I don't agree that it requires a high level of development of abstract
processing to call a fiddle- shaped table a "fiddle". I would say that's a
rather Piagetian way to put it: development first, and then learning.

I geuss you misunderstood me. I was making the claim regarding the
decoding of having someone else call a table a "fiddle". Not of the actual
labeling of a table as a fiddle. That indeed is a Vygotskian idea that a
child will place abstract thought into concrete applications. Davydov
emphasizes that elementary teaching is having the child "rise to the level
of concrete" thinking.

my thinking any clearer?

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