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Date: Fri Nov 10 2006 - 12:25:17 PST


I would like to take a step back in the discussion to the four stages of
development. Those would be microgenesis, ontogenesis, phylogenesis and
sociogenesis (historical) development. Microgenesis refers to the
development of an individual's actions based on a specific experiment;
ontogenesis refers to an individual's broad spectrum of development;
phylogenesis refers to how humans as a species have evolved and
sociogenesis refers to the ongoing historical developments of endeavors
human beings undertake.

In your example of returning to my residence I ask you to place a bag of
groceries on the "fiddle", your level of development in the higher
psychological process of abstract thought processing will dictate if you
can understand me. If ontologically speaking you have not developed
sophisticated abstract processing it would be very difficult on your part
to decode my request.

Perhaps the different backgrounds we bring to this discussion may be
providing the breakdown in our ability to come to an agreement about
language being fixed or flexible? Personally I believe that language is
both fixed and flexible. My specific interest in Valsiner's thoughts on
process structure of semiotic mediation lies in understanding mirogenesis
and ontogenesis. Perhaps as a linguist David, you are more interested in
the phylogenesis of human language as well as the historical development of

An aside to the conversation is your use of the term "flat" for my
residence. Would that be a general term for where a person lives or does
that strictly refer to what I would call an apartment? Anyway, I live in a
house on 10 acres in the country with two horses, two goats and two dogs,
plently of game birds as well as a booming population of deer that wander
in and out of my back field. I do not own a fiddle table but i have a
dining room table, two end tables a kitchen counter and a hasack. Normally
i place my groceries on the island counter. You would be welcome to visit
next time you are in the St. Paul MN area!


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