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Date: Mon Nov 06 2006 - 07:25:27 PST

Mike, I look forward to picking up the conversation at a later date and
look forward to any thoughts, ideas or process structure you may provide on
the subject.


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Eric-- I cannot properly engage this article at this time. I plan to use it
in a grad
class starting in January. If others can engage, great. We will simply do a
But there is a new set of MCA articles to be voted on, I have a month of
very heavy
local obligations, and want to give the issues careful consideration.

On 11/1/06, <> wrote:
> Do these definitions make sense for understanding Valsiner's views on
> process structure of semiotic mediation?
> Sign ? "semiotic mediators, voices, meanings"
> Process ? Vygotsky's lower and higher psychological process idea
> Intrapsychological communication ? using the sign to focus on future
> Interpsychological communication ? using signs to speak with others
> Prospective development ? Valsiner's "zone of free movement" idea
> Hierarchization ? as a conversation continues signs may take on
> properties as they become more generalized or generalizable
> Regulation ? how a sign can assist in the development of a person's
> process
> structure, also, how people's conversations become framed
> I see the process structure idea in being very helpful for the purpose of
> having discussions pertaining to activity and how activity assists in the
> development of higher psychological functions.
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