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I can't remember what I had for breakfast, Tony, but I remember that
conference on semiotics in Bloomington. Cicourel, Halliday, Eco,
Deledalle (Peirce scholar), Sir Edmund Leach (who famously gave a talk
with the title "Semiotics: Field or Discipline? His conclusion was "Who

There were actually several such conferences and I may be conflating
them. Jim Wertsch presented at one and gave a paper on Vygotsky. Robert
De Beaugrande was another whose course I attended at one of these
meetings. John Deely, Joe Ransdell, and many others. The expeditions to
Nick's (famous Bloomington bar) were amazing.

With all due respect to the "affordances" offered by electronic media
(including games and simulations), nothing replaces a residential FTF

Don Cunningham
Indiana University

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On Sun, 5 Nov 2006, Mike Cole wrote:

> Engestrom and Geertz were/are clearly engaged in different enterprises
> However, the
> potential completmentarity of their work has long interested me

The sad passing of Geertz brings to my mind a host of theorists whom I
have not had occasion to think about recently, the complementarity of
whose work might be fruitfully considered.

One is Aaron Cicourel, well-known I'm sure to folks in San Diego. (Don
Cunningham, Jay Lemke, and I remember a course he gave in Bloomington in

Summer 1985.)

Another is Harold Garfinkel, whose book on Sociology of Information will

be published next month for the first time:
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