Re: [xmca] CHAT Resources in Spanish/Recursos TACH en Castellano

From: Mike Cole (
Date: Thu Nov 02 2006 - 11:38:10 PST

Hi Ignacio & Paul-

The Moll volume has some great papers that could serve for bilingual
discusssion in it.
On the "papers for discussion" part of XMCA I have posted Chapter 7 of
Thinking and
Speech which has the title of something like "general psychology." Since it
exists in
several languages, it ought also to provide good material for bilingual

I will be assigning this to grad students in January.

On 11/2/06, ignacio dalton <> wrote:
> hi paul
> espero que estes bien
> existe una version de moll´s vygotsky y la educacion(1991) editado por
> aique grupo editor en buenos aires. argentina.
> NO lo he rastreado pero se podria conseguir,Incluso hya mucho material que
> edito nuestro querido guillermo blanck
> sera cuestion de ir pensando como armar la seccion spanish. cuenten
> conmigo para ese proposito- desde mi humilde lugar.
> ignacio dalton
> hi paul
> hope you are ok
> there is a moll ´s vygoskty and education (1991) edited by aique grupo
> editor in buenos aires, argentina
> i have not searched if there a website copy but i can search a book
> version. ALso, there are some books edited by our dearest guillermo blanck (
> r.i.p) in spanish.
> It will be a great idea to built the spanish section at xcma. Count on me
> with this endeavior. thru my humble role-
> yours
> ignacio dalton
> *Mike Cole <>* wrote:
> Hi Paul--
> This is certainly an idea we can support here at lchc. We have in the past
> tried to collect materials in spanish that are also
> in english and other languages and related to chat. I am gloing to cc
> lchc,
> but I strngly suggest that this idea be forwarded
> to ISCAR as well. I really ought to fit their agenda and lend a lot of
> great
> resources I will seek to create a TACH part of
> LCHC as possibilities present themselves.]\\
> mike
> On 10/30/06, Paul Dillon wrote:
> >
> > Sin querer interrumpir cualquier otro hilo que se desarrolla en xmca,
> > quiero comenzar a preparar un base de recursos sobre la Teoría de la
> > Actividad Cultura-Historica (TACH?) en castellano. He comenzado a reunir
> > materiales. ¿Será posible que una carpeta sea dedicado a tal colección
> en
> > la página de web de xmca/mca?
> > Una de mis alumnos me sorprendió al incluir el ejemplode un sistema de
> > actividad en su prueba final que adjunto a este mensaje. Algunos lo
> > reconocerán como el ejemplo ilustrativo que Roth y Lee utilizaron a lo
> largo
> > de su artículo sobre la TACH que recientemente Wolff-Michael compartió
> con
> > XMCA. Ni tengo ídea de donde ella la habrá encontrado aunque voy a
> > preguntarle la próxima vez que nos vemos. Busqué en la publicación para
> una
> > citación sobre este ejemplo sin poder encontrarlo. Menciono esto para
> > ilustrar la situación y la necesidad para una buena bibliografía en
> > castellano que podría ser de provecho para todos quienes estan
> utilizando
> > TACH en su práctica pedagógica.
> > Paul Dillon
> >
> > Babelfish translation w/ some corrections.
> > Without wanting to interrupt any other thread that is developed in xmca,
> > I want to begin to prepare a base of resources on the Theory of the
> > Cultural-Historical Activity (TACH) in Spanish. I have begun to reunite
> > materials. I'm wondering if it would be possible to dedicate a folder to
> > such collection in the page of Web of xmca/mca?
> > One of my students surprised me recently by including the attached
> > example of a system of activity in her final exam.. Some will recognize
> it
> > like as the illustrative example that Roth and Lee used throughout where
> she
> > could have found it although I am going to ask her the next time we see
> > each other. I looked in the article for a citation on this example
> without
> > being able to find it. I mention this to illustrate the situation and
> the
> > necessity for a good bibliography in Castilian that it could be of
> benefit
> > for all who are using TACH in their pedagogical practice.
> >
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