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International Conference
Postgraduate Supervison: The State of the Art and the Artists
23 26 April 2007
University of Stellenbosch
South Africa
Conference aims
The Centre for Higher and Adult Education (CHAE) (for more information on
the Centre, visit our website: http://academic.sun.ac.za/chae) invites
contributions to an international conference on the theme of “Postgraduate
Supervision and Training: the state of the art and the artists”. This
international conference has developed out of the Centre’s involvement with
large numbers of postgraduate students (± 150 Masters and PhD candidates in
the past ten years) and the large number of workshops on Postgraduate
Supervision, Assessment and Evaluation of theses and dissertations and
Writing for Publication facilitated by the staff of the Centre. In the past
ten years (1997 2006) more than 100 workshops on these three topics,
involving some 2000+ participants, have been facilitated. The Centre is
celebrating its 10th birthday in April. The aim of the conference is to
review the state of the art and the artists involved in postgraduate
supervision and training and to develop baseline data on the topic. It is
hoped that the conference will become a bi-annual event.
The conference will include a variety of formats:
· invited keynote speakers who will present papers on selected themes;
· papers in parallel sessions by participants on aspects related to
the conference themes;
· pre-conference workshops (one day) on key themes by invited
· short workshops (two hours) as part of the conference programme;
· symposia/panel discussion by participants who wish to arrange a
symposium/panel discussion;
· poster presentations;
· give/get sessions which will be using an “open space technology”
(participlanning) approach and which will create opportunities for
participants to “give” (present) what they wish to share and to match this
with participants who wish to “get” (receive) information; and
· book displays and/or exhibitions by publishing houses and related

Conference themes
The centre is interested in all forms of contribution to the conference
themes. We invite contributions to the following conference themes:
· Successful policies and procedures
· Statistics on trends, admissions, success rates
· Effective proposal writing
· Successful project management
· Case studies of successful supervision practices
· The effective supervisor
· The student perspective
· The role of support services
· Effective practices to “move” from a thesis to a publication
· Assessing and evaluating postgraduate research
· Quality assurance and quality development
Key conference dates
The conference will commence at 09:00 on 24 April 2007 and will finish on
26 April at 15:00.

Pre-conference workshops will be presented on Monday, 23 April 2007.
Deadline for submission of abstracts:
Monday, 30 October 2006.

Notification of accepted papers:
Thursday 30 November 2006.

Early bird registration cut-off date:
30 January 2007.

Deadline for full paper submissions:
28 February 2007.

Conference commences:
23 26 April 2007.
Invited keynote speakers
1. Opening address: Prof. Hugh Africa, Higher Education Quality
Committee of S.A.
2. Keynote: Day One: Prof. Johann Mouton, CREST (Centre for Research
in Engineering, Science and Technology, University of Stellenbosch.
3. Keynote: Day Two: Allyson Holbrook and Sid Bourke, SORTI (Centre
for the Study of Research Training and Impact), University of Newcastle,
4. Second keynote: Day Two: Prof Heinke Roebken, University of
Oldenburg, Germany.
5. Keynote: Day Three: Prof. Rowena Murray, University of Strathclyde.

>Prof Chris Kapp
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>Faculty of Education
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