Re: [xmca] Digest?

From: Mike Cole (
Date: Sat Oct 21 2006 - 11:47:33 PDT

Hi Larry, Nice to hear from you.
All it takes to reach the digest is to create it and ask me to post it! I
then get in touch with El Maga to do the
Posting if S/he is in the mood.


who knows, maybe it can happen, but the fact is that there is no mechanism,
no people, no time, no money, for creating
a digest.

This is one reason for members (unless we have a wealthy donor among us) to
be more careful to differntiate topics by content on
their subject lines.

When I fall behind (ofdten!!) I simply go to the xmca web page and read the
posts leading up to whenever I am reading. They can be
listed by SUBJECT. Which, in principle, means that you can always follow
threads there without being inundated.

Gotta run away from the table before I get indigestion and am unable to read
stuff I am locally obligated to read for monday!!

On 10/21/06, Davies, Larry <> wrote:
> Hi Mike and others,
> I LOVE xmca, and I'm mostly a lurker, but I DO try to read as many posts
> as I can. However, I've never discovered a digest option in the software,
> and XMCA has been generating a LOT of email lately. Is there a digest option
> I can go for?
> Thanks in advance, and DO keep up the interesting discussions.
> Larry Davies
> Faculty Instructional Technician
> St. Thomas University
> Miami Gardens, FL 33054
> 305-474-6826
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