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> but it is less clear how to
> conceptualize how being constantly positioned as “expert” in the
> classroom, or “the kid with the cooties”, or “the expert with cooties”
> also mediates students’ thinking. My hunch (and my emerging research
> interests) moves toward the idea that social positioning, identity, and
> status in the classroom are also mediating devices and important ones to
> consider.
Hi jenny

let me jump in here with a few quick comments... i'm facing my own diss
deadline and have a lot more ground to cover ;)... in short in my diss I
look at how student identity mediates their activities in an on-line
class.... maybe something similar to what you are thinking about. What I
found through weekly interviews with a small group of students over a
semester is that how they situate/see themselves as undergraduate
students and as writers as well as how they viewed the particular class
(required, with require B.S. homework assignments, lots of hoops to jump
through, grade driven) mediated the extent to which they participated in
this particular class at this particular time.

What is problematic is how one defines 'identity' and 'cognition' and
'tools' and such (and I am not totally there yet.. I am working through
some details of my own hunches).. of course, LEV, Luria and Leont'ev all
talked about the idea of "personality".... Seth Chaiklin has a great
review article on the role of personality in CHAT which draws on LEV,
Leont'ev Davydov, Elkonin in the 2001 Theory and Practice of AT. I would
also look to LEV, Leont'ev (his main pub in english has personality in
the title) Luria (monistic psych and cognition), Bozohvich (LEV's
student), Stetsenko (more recent locating the self in CHAT), Lomov,
Asmolov, .... is that enough to get you started??? If you have access to
older editions of soviet psych, as I did, I would just meander through
them... the winter days are probably not as dark there in Berkeley as
they are here in montreal (where I happen to find myself at the moment)
but it makes for some interesting reading.

After mid november and certainly after the first of the year, I would
have more time and be happy to talk more (I use my other e-mail more
often jim dot rogers at mcgill dot ca). good luck, jim

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